Family Law Section

Washington State Bar Association

Open Forum, Uniform Collaborative Law Act

WSBA ADR Section Legislative Committee “Uniform Collaborative Law Act/Rules Open Forum”
When: Thursday, November 17, 2011; 8:00–11:00 a.m.
Where: WSBA Office, 1325 4th Ave., Ste. 600, Seattle
Cost: Free
You are invited to an open forum and discussion on the Uniform Collaborative Law Act/Rules proposed by the Uniform Law Commission for the State of Washington. Please come to learn and participate in an open and lively discussion on the Uniform Collaborative Law proposal and its adoption in Washington. Issues will also include privilege and confidentiality, scope of application and areas of practice, as well as enactment of rules and/or statutes.
Participation in the forum will be available remotely through a WSBA webcast.
RSVP for this event. Space is limited, so please RSVP by November 15.

Relocation Case

Just discussed on our section's Yahoo! Group list serve, Division II has this week issued an opinion on a relocation case that appears to, on several levels, increase the burden on the objecting parent to overcome the rebuttable presumption in favor of the parent designated as the custodian in the parenting plan. Lengthy opinion, with a 6 page dissent—both well worth reading before your next relocation case. In re Marriage of Fahey

FLEC election results

Ballots have been tabulated and new executive committee members (2011-2014) include Patrick Connelly (Spokane), Larry Couture (Tacoma) and John Wickham (Friday Harbor). Former members Ruth Edlund (Seattle) and Danni Liebman (Vancouver) have also been re-elected to serve an additional term.

FLEC elections

At the June 18th Section Midyear lunch meeting, nominations for 2011-2014 terms on the executive committee were accepted for: Patrick Connelly, Larry Couture, Ruth Edlund, Danni Liebman, Chris Rao, Kevin Scudder, James Shipman, Jeanine Vhan and John Wickham. Ballots for the elections will be mailed in July, and results should be available by mid-August.

Midyear Awards

On June 18, 2011, at the Section's Midyear Conference and Annual Meeting, held this year in Spokane, Washington, the WSBA Family Law Section presented its annual awards as follows:
  • Attorney of the Year: Washington Chapter of AAML
  • Jurist of the Year: Judge Tari Eitzen, of Spokane County Superior Court
  • Professional of the Year: Ms. Toni Doane, former section liaison with the WSBA